Unstoppable Africa

The continent of Africa has staked its position as the cornerstone of the world’s future. The continent is now positioned to be the most important driver of global business with a $2.5 trillion market opportunity. Every sector of the continent’s economy from manufacturing to agriculture to services to finance is on a growth trajectory.

By 2050, one in every four people in the world will be African – offering up a massive consumer and business market. The Africa Continental Free Trade Area Agreement will fuel trade and investment opportunities within the continent as well as the world. This is no longer a question for debate, more so an acknowledgment that Africans are making things happen and changing economic realities.

We are seizing the moment. The environment is primed for ambitious plays, and an infusion of creative and decisive moves that will lead to economic growth and sustainable development. New and dynamic financing models, bold partnerships, easier trade across borders, the full participation of women, a pursuit of climate justice, investment in renewable energy, the emergence of Africa’s creative and cultural industry, technology invention and adoption, and agricultural transformation are all areas the continent must continue to support and elevate.

Africa is in its rightful place on the global stage, building new opportunities for itself and for the world. We are telling our own stories, recognizing and addressing our mistakes, building powerful and viable economic engines, and no longer asking for permission for a spot on the global stage.

Under the leadership of the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Amina J. Mohammed, the inaugural Global Africa Business Initiative is designed to place Africa in its proper spot on the world stage, bringing to focus a roadmap for Africa that is sustainable, inclusive, just, and managed by Africans for Africans. The conference took place during the United Nations General Assembly week from 18-19 September 2022. It included robust dives on how Africa offers a powerful business ecosystem when activated brings prosperity to all Africans and citizens of the world.

When Africa wins, the world wins.